About Lindsay


In the spring of 2014, I made the decision to chase my dreams and establish my business.  After a whirlwind first year, I landed in a place where I know I am truly at home: traveling to capture the sweeping romance of passionate, spontaneous, LUMINOUS people in the midst of their own joie de vivre! 

I’ve been fortunate to travel the country and some of this vast, beautiful planet we get to call home, and on my adventures have found that I have a heart for not only individuals and their love, but connecting and capturing them amongst family, friends, culture, and the world around us. 

When I’m not photographing absolutely everything, I school my children at home, and am known to break out in spontaneous, cringe-inducing dance moves and operatic arias. I’ve got one wild imagination, a deep love of a red lip, and an on-going quest to find the perfect motorcycle jacket. My preferred drink is a Moscow Mule, Mitch Hedberg makes me laugh ’til I cry, and you may be surprised to find I obsess over Fashion Week, despite an entirely black wardrobe. 

Mostly though, I’m just a gal who thrives on possibility, and wants nothing more than to connect my eyes with your story. I want to become your historian, and your friend.