I love when I get to visit with Katherine, Andrew, and Gracie P. This was my third session with this sweet little threesome. The first was a maternity session, but I count it still, as GP was clearly the star of the show. (Still is!)

There is something about this little girl that reminds me so much of Katherine when she was a little girl. 

I've known Katherine a long time... since 4th grade to be exact. And, I don't know about you, but sometimes when I've known someone a long time, I don't really see them as they are now. I see them as they were. To me, when I see Katherine, I see her as she was in her 4th grade yearbook photo, side pony tail, giant bow & all!

When I met up with these three, I was immediately struck at how much GP reminds me of 4th grade Katherine. There was something in her little mannerisms, the way she crinkles her nose when she smiles that is undeniably alllllllllllll her mama.

I remarked to Katherine about this, and she was pretty surprised. Turns out, no one ever says GP looks like Katherine. In fact, it's the opposite-- everyone says how much she favors Andrew. I tried to see it, and I guess I do a little, but still, for me. it's mostly all Katherine.

Whomever GP favors will most certainly change over the years. At 3 she may look just like Andrew, or identical to Katherine. But at 13, she may remind us all of Katherine's older sister, or her mother. 

The thing is, none of that really matters. What matters is who her parents are; how wonderful these two humans are.

It matters that they already love her more than life, and that they shower her with all their affection and attention. It matters that they are kind, and just, and know how to treat others.

They lead by example.

They are love, in action. 

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Thank you again, Lupos, for inviting me into your life here in Virginia for a few moments. I love when you visit, and I can't wait to see you again.

All my love,

LC xx



Yesterday when I was driving to Galentine's Day lunch, hosted by As You Wish, I decided to play your "Top Songs of 2016" playlist, according to Spotify.

From the opening drum blasts of Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart, to Dr. Dre's classic beats; from Black Flag's soul-ripping vocals, to Jesus and Mary Chain's waves of sedation... each song brought back memories from the year before.

I was reminded all the times in 2016 we stopped what we were doing to have a dance party in our underwear when Rick James' Mary Jane came on. (And your little knee bends!!!)

I remembered the countless trips we took across Hampton Roads' various bridges and tunnels, windows down, while Norman Greenbaum's California Earthquake played in the background, fighting against the wind.

I smiled thinking back on all the times I fussed at you for playing Sir Lord Baltimore because I truly hate that band, and for waking me up at 6AM to the jarring chords of Fugazi. 

I thought back on the meals we've created together listening to Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, and Otis Redding, and the mornings I was woken up to Bad Brains playing at 6:00AM.

I recalled your happiness during the holidays as you listened to the Vince Guaraldi Trio; how your smile was one of pure joy. 

There were memories of mornings we were able to get dressed together with songs we both love setting the tone for our day.

I realized that all those little, everyday things that never really seem like much amount to EVERYTHING.

These are the songs that have made up the soundtrack of our perfectly imperfect life together. 

As with wedding days, it's the in-between minutes where we are our most vulnerable, our essential selves... these are the threads connecting massive, monumental moments, and ones of quiet, reflection, and grief. It's the in-between which gives us substance, and makes us who we are.

So Valentine, with all my heart, I want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing all the moments-- the highest highs, lowest lows, and the gorgeous contentment in the middle. Our substance. And thank you for loving me, us, and our family. 

Happy Valentine's Day Bunny, xoxo

Our first Valentine's Day, February 2006

Our first Valentine's Day, February 2006




Over the holidays I began reading a book called In the Company of Women. It was beautifully photographed, and I found a great deal of inspiration between it's pages. With sound advice from empowered women across the globe who have embraced their entrepreneurial spirits and flourished, it is a book I know I'll reach for time and time again.

One theme that deeply resonated with me while exploring not only that book, but in the weeks following examining my own life was, 'A woman's work is never done'. 

Often women wear many hats; everything from mama to teacher to coach to lover to CEO. We never really fit into one box, or wear one label exclusively. However, that is precisely what our society/culture often want us to do, and the idea of what those labels should look like, speak like, and act like are even more narrow. 

I want to delve deeper into the real lives of real women... both at home and at work. I want to show through photographs that those hats never truly come off, they are simply a part of being who we are. Our various positions and experiences help us to navigate our lives, and are a composite of the women we currently are, and who we will eventually become.

For a while I had a goal of sorts to begin a personal project. Something I can shoot for myself, without any pressure. Something that was personal to me, as I've wrestled with my roles. And because I'm deeply fascinated with how other women seem "do it all". 

 I began with my friend Mary, who owns Bluebirds Garage. She's also a mother of two little boys (a life I know well), and she's also very active in local community organizations. 

IMG_0137 WEB.jpg

More to come soon.