These women. 

I have such a special place in my heart for these two. I so enjoy these two as individuals, and who they are as a couple. Together, Kristen and Rachel make an indisputable match.

I especially love how tenderly Rachel holds Kristen; how it's so obvious she cherishes Kristen without ever saying a word. Her love language speaks the loudest. And I love how Kristen accepts Rachel's love. How she becomes almost bashful at being the object of such doting affection. Her smile says it all. It makes me smile.

Kristen and Rachel, both confident, strong, women, together in love, is a powerful thing to witness, and to be surrounded by. Together they have a passion for each other that could make even the greatest cynic believe in love, and it's power, just a little bit more. 

The three of us wandered around the Glen Burnie gardens, which is a part of the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. It's a magical place with loads of character, even if there were a few less leaves around. My favorite sections are the Asian-inspired gardens, and the Water Gardens, where there were gorgeous golden trout swimming about. Both felt like secret gardens, hidden away from the outside world. It was definitely a place to get lost in.

Each time I am around Kristen and Rachel, I leave feeling good. That's just what being around them does for me. I am so looking forward to their Lydia Mountain wedding next October. It's sure to be a weekend of epic friendships, passionate joy, and authentic love. 

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