Earlier this month, I had a bit of a fun feature. (If I'm being totally honest and tragically unhip, it was more of a "Pinch me!" moment!) A few days after posting one of my favorite photos from the year onto my Instagram, along with the hashtag #huffpostido, I received word from a follower (a wildly talented photographer himself, Brady Puryear) congratulating me on my Huffington Post feature. WHAT?

Huffington Post Wedding Photographer

What I love about this photo is that it didn't require a six-digit invoice to achieve. There is nothing fancy about where they are. Corie and her grandmother are literally standing on roof tiles in her wet and muddy front yard on an especially cloudy, rainy day; one originally forecasted for a hurricane.

There are no outstanding lighting setups, backdrops, florist, makeup artist, or hairstylists to credit. (Corie did it all). I believe that's why I was so excited for this image to be featured on the Huffington Post weddings page. It's an unscripted and unposed moment between a bride and her grandmother on her wedding day, preserved forever in it's simplicity, and it's a perfect example of why I do what I do. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming that this image is technically perfect). 

These moments right here are what I chase. They're what I am seeking out each time I am behind the camera. These are the images I believe my clients want most, and why they come to me for photography. It makes me proud that an authentic moment was featured on such a large platform, and I thank Huffington Post for doing so. I know it's sort of "the thing" to say for photographers these days, but I am truly honored for this feature. (And how cool is Instagram?!) 

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