The day is finally here--National Lipstick Day, DUH!  It also just so happens to be the day this little site of mine is LIVE! My head feels like it's going to explode... in the best way possible! 

I've needed a new website for a long, long, long, long, long time. For years I've looked at website after website, ooh'd and aah'd over others' launches and their flashy, custom-made web spaces. I too wanted a space to call my own, but I struggled with what I wanted my site to convey, how I wanted my photography to be curated, and how much of ME to put out there. 

I did know a few things definitively. First, I knew that my space had to be simple but not boring. When I began sinking my teeth into this project, I felt myself pulling away from my core beliefs. I questioned who I was, and whether I could compete with showier websites in my field. I abandoned my original thoughts and invited new ones in--Add this! Add that! 

As more was added, so too was my time spent at the computer, phone, iPad. My life began to be consumed by retina displays, and the ghostly white cast they emit. I started to feel like a ghost. I realized that I was, straying far, far away from my original design aesthetic,  and far away from something me/my brand stands for: living out loud

I wasn't "living out loud" at all! I don't want you to get sucked into my website. I want you to view my website, see what I'm all about, decide that you love me (or not!) and MOVE ON. There are things that I love and could dedicate a page to (creme brulee, Birkenstocks, my cat Biz), sure, but what I value most can best be summed up by Steve Jobs;

"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." 

Ten days ago I turned 31 years old. My life, especially in the last year, has been a whirlwind of epic proportions, and it truly hit me that I am in my 30's, and, holy cow I have a preteen and my husband and I have been together almost an entire decade!!I was struck by how so crazy fast life goes by; how we have to seize the day, our lives, each other. 

If you're reading this, WELCOME, and please know that I am honored that you're taking time out of your day to read my words, and view my work. I have worked hard, alongside the most talented and even harder-working Christina Laing, of The Buffalo Collective, to make this space reflect what I do, what I love, and how I can serve you. I tried to edit, to keep down the noise. I am proud of this space, and proud that you are here to enjoy it. However,  my deepest desire for you is to toast the moment, shake your tail feathers, and celebrate that you're alive to do so! Go on and leave this site and come back to it, if you'd like. Get back to being your passionate, authentic, luminous self, living your grand adventure each and every day! We will meet up outside and and move and laugh and adventure your romance in our time together.  

See you soon.