We didn't know for sure if this session was going to happen. With a gnarly coastal storm churning up vicious surf, angrily spitting rain here and there, and raising the tide just enough to impact the area, this engagement session was once definitely off, then on again--maybe--to how about 3, no 4... Needless to say, we made it happen, and it was special. The wind gusts and quickly moving clouds kept me on my toes, but I relished in the drama that the weather brought--itsy bitsy pockets of golden light under a mostly softbox sky.

Bailee and Lucas were introduced at work--being that they are both engineers, they just had to hit it off right?! Turns out, they did! Since, their relationship hasn't lacked adventure--from travel across the globe to home ownership and renovations in Poquoson.

 Bailee is the epitome of sweet, and probably the most gracious human being I've ever met. I think she is absolutely stunning and statuesque, and I loved photographing her. She also happens to be a UVA graduate and super, super chill. In fact, her easy going nature is something I admire--and the fact that she is a good listener. I'm not talking about taking posing directions correctly, standing where I tell her to. While we were walking and chatting, our conversation naturally turned to the shipyard where Bailee works. My husband works in the same field as Bailee, and deals with many of the same issues she does, only at a different shipyard. I asked her about working as a woman in a predominantly male field. (I. LOVE. THAT. Please send all strong, smarty-pants, FEARLESS brides who break stereotypes my way!) With a smile and positive attitude, Bailee didn't say one negative word about her job. Instead, she highlighted that she likes to listen to the guys working down on the waterfront (building submarines) because she feels that they may not always have their ideas--their voices--heard by other [male] engineers. How special, I thought, that this beautiful woman is someone who seeks to hear others. That isn't a trait that should go unnoticed.

Lucas is quiet, and more reserved. One thing is for sure, though, he loves Bailee. After watching them during our session, I reflected on their way, their love, and thought about how natural and relaxed it was. This session was easy.

When I asked Bailee what she envisions for her wedding day, she reiterates two things: she wants it to be romantic, and she wants everyone to HAVE FUN. I love a couple who wants nothing more than to treat their guests to a wonderful party! Call it Southern hospitality, but the couples I've booked recently sure know how to do just that--throw a great party celebrating love and family. I cannot wait to head back to the Inn at Warner Hall for their wedding next May! 


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