A month or so ago, I met Loren and Jack through long-time friends of Logan and I. They were expecting a baby girl, and wanted to document this season of their lives with photos.

We did that session in Virginia Beach, right on the beach-- something I don't actually do too often!

Before we met, Loren emailed me to ask if I had any recommendations as to what she and Jack should wear for their maternity session. I came back with the usual, "A long, flowy dress is great for movement, don't match, rather coordinate..." etc. 

Loren sent me a reply to that email with a "Darn, I was really hoping it would be OK for us to wear our matching Hawaiian shirts!" 

As I didn't know these two just yet, I told her not to worry about traditional dress suggestions, and go for whatever she wanted to! 

I arrived a bit early to First Landing, fully looking out for a couple in Hawaiian shirts! Needless to say, they were not wearing Hawaiian shirts, and she had just been messing with me.

That's when I knew I loved these two. 

While I'm totally down for everyone to wear whatever they feel best in (and encourage that over everything else), I have to admit I was a little relieved that there weren't, in fact, in Hawaiian shirts! (That could've been a little busy!) 

Virginia Beach Maternity Pictures

Jack, a fireman, is hilarious and had me in stitches with his deadpan delivery of ridiculous jokes. Loren too had me laughing with how she kept Jack in check-- there were plenty of eye rolls and her conceding laughter that comes from someone who loves a jokester, or who has put up with one for a long time!

(As we were leaving the session a group of young girls said their congratulations to Loren. Jack, being Jack, looked genuinely surprised to hear this, and immediately shot back with, "Oh her? She's NOT pregnant!" You should've seen their faces!)

During their maternity session we talked about doing a newborn session, but they were worried that their current house would be a little too chaotic due to moving.

Loren told me about how they were in the final months of building their home, and how she couldn't wait to decorate the baby's nursery after they moved in. I suggested we meet at the home they were building for the newborn session, that it would be a good way to document their lives as it really is.

The session wouldn't be traditional, but it would be authentic to who they are right now. 

I was really looking forward to doing something a little out-of-the-norm. After the session I realized that when it comes to newborn, family and 'life-inspired' photography, that's what I want to do most often. I connect with people who aren't afraid to show who they are, where they are, and embrace their stories. I thrive on REAL.

So we planned it out and made it happen.

Those white, white eyelashes!!! 

We took a moment to lay Oakley on a blanket Loren's mother made out of her wedding gown. Sadly Loren's father passed away a few years ago, which made this heartfelt gift even more of a precious heirloom.

632A0527 WEB.jpg

Jack, Loren & Oakley,

You guys are a beautiful family. Congratulations x1000 on all the good things you're creating! Here's to YOU!

xx, LC