As I sit here watching it pour and pour, I am sending a million THANK YOUS to the universe for giving us gorgeous weather for Kevin and Veronica's destination wedding in Orlando! 

As it turned out, the weekend was absolutely beautiful! Of course there was the typical Florida afternoon downpour that interrupted portrait time, but the great part about those daily thunderstorms is that they're in, they're out, and life goes on. Logan and I were able to sneak Kevin & Veronica out around sunset for some more portraits, and even though we didn't have the golden glow of the so-called 'Magic Hour', I think we made our own. When two people are this in love, magic is a given.

Veronica is so special to me! Over the last year, in getting to know her a bit more than I already did (she was a bridesmaid in two weddings I shot last year, I've photographed her brother and his family, and we went to high school together!) I've uncovered just how wonderful she really is! There were a few times after hour-long (or longer) conversations where I hung up and just smiled, thinking about how much I had enjoyed talking to her, hearing what she had to say about things, and connecting. When September rolled around, it felt like I was flying to a good friend's wedding rather than a "client". 

Being with Kevin and Veronica, it's easy to understand how and why they are so very adored by their friends and family. During the weekend, the words loyal were used over and over again to describe them, and I heard what is one of the greatest things that could be said about friends-- THEY SHOW UP.

On Friday evening at the rehearsal dinner, there were many impromptu toasts given by the couple's friends and family, all teary-eyed, lamenting on just how good and true these two are. I couldn't agree more!

The wedding day itself was relaxed and fun. Their Catholic ceremony was touching, with the priest talking eloquently on caring for a marriage each and every day. The bridal party was one of the BEST I've ever worked with-- genuine friends of both Kevin and Veronica. 

The reception though? 


There was so much fun that someone may or may not have broken his foot. He wouldn't leave though--instead he iced it down and somehow procured a wheelchair, which he rolled out onto the dance floor for even more partying. 

My favorite, favorite, favorite parts of the whole weekend though, was by far watching Kevin look at Veronica. There is so much emotion packed in those looks that it makes me smile, and I have the best feeling in my gut knowing just how loved and cherished she is. But if you'd ask her, Veronica would tell you she's the lucky one.

I know I feel like the luckiest. 

Flying down to Orlando, looking out into the clouds, I realized that I am literally 'living the dream'. My dream! I get to photograph people in some of their most profound life moments; preserving their memories for them, acting as their personal historians.

I get to travel, see new places, make new friends. I get to smile as I work, watching people have the time of their lives with those who they love them most. 

Most of all, I get to work with people like Kevin and Veronica, their respective families, and friends. 


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Kevin and Veronica,

What more could possibly be said? Thank you, a million times over, for asking me along on this journey with you. Your wedding was one I'll never forget!