Right before the holidays, I traveled up north towards Richmond to meet the sweetest mama-and-papa-to-be, and their brood of fur babies! I know I write-- and say-- again and again how much I appreciate being welcomed into a home, but it's deeply humbling for me. It's an incredibly brave thing for a client to do!

Inviting a stranger into your home to photograph you is an intimate experience. If you choose a photographer that you really connect with (something I recommend highly), it can be emotional as well, leaving you with priceless moments, whose ability to be savored is limitless.

I enjoyed this session because this was a super personal session for this couple. In addition to it being held in their home, these two were surrounded by what they love the most: their pets! It was enjoyable to be in the comfort of their home, doing the things they ordinarily do, (like treat their kitties to mashed sweet potato!), as well as head out to the park where they go often with Jackson, their best [doggy] man.

I love how Susan put her hand up on her shoulder like this-- it wasn't posed. 

These sessions-- the ones where intent is slathered all about-- are my absolutely favorite to do. Be it in a maternity session like this one, or a full day of wedding coverage, I can't forget who I am, even when I [unknowingly] try to.

What drew me to photography, what always draws me to a photograph, is the feeling surrounding it. If a photograph makes me feel, I know it's good. I want to make those types of photographs. 

I'm not old, but I have aged some, and the older I get, the more and more important intention and authenticity are to me. As I head into my fourth year (WHAT?!) as a photography business, I plan on focusing even more on what brought me into this in the first place.

I am guilty of being really confused this year. I lost my way a bit. I looked to others, at what they are and were doing, to guide me. I let others' goals and expectations influence me when they had no right to.

Typing that out makes it sting all the more.

The truth is, I've arrived to where I am not following anyone else. I've always been a little different-- a whole lot me. I've listened to my intuition for a long time, and I've always been pleased with where it led me. 

In 2017, I'm making a vow to myself and my business to look within rather than out, to be well, and to love well. 

Thank you, Bonds, for bringing me into your home, giving me a little slice of who you are. I cannot wait to come back and photograph you as a three-piece!