Once upon a time I was invited to photograph a newborn baby with fiery red hair, who loved to be held, and who found napping a chore--a quick one at that.

The most perfect baby girl, Georgia, was born into a group of people who are contenders for the title 'Best Family on the Planet'.

Yeah, I said it. 

There is just so much love there. 

I've seen a lot of little signs that say things like, There are no strangers here. I've also never given them much thought until now.

We do have history; Brittany (AKA: Mama) is the younger sister of a dear childhood friend of mine, and all of us, including Brad (Dad) went to high school together. So we were not strangers. However, I wasn't thinking of them when I said this. 

My mind immediately went to Jackson. 

From the moment I walked up to the house until the second I left, Jackson was my best friend. He is one of my favorite people I've ever met. (I'm not joking). 

Jackson was so kind (even when he was complaining about taking pictures), so pumped, and so incredibly HIMSELF that it was like being slapped in the face with an open palm of pure innocence and goodness and joy. Charlotte (Big Sister) wasn't as loud as Jackson, but no less sweet or kind. 

Their personalities and dispositions are evidence of beautiful parenting. Brad and Brittany love their kids, they love each other, and they made me happy to do what I do: capture authentic connection, spirit, and love.


Sweet little sleeping babe...

Siiiiiiiiiiiike!  All the babies I photograph want to party.

IMG_1107 WEB.jpg

Thank you, Alger Family, for being so authentically you, and for allowing me into your warm-in-every-way home!