OK. I admit, this post title is a little misleading.

 I could've titled this blog entry something like 'Bailee & Lucas' Classic Green + Pink Spring Wedding'. In fact, I did. That was the title of this blog post up until I remembered what Brandi, of As You Wish Events, dubbed Bailee & Lucas' one-of-a-kind day. 

This wedding day wasn't unique due to a ground-breaking color palette, or intricate details. It was the "Unicorn Wedding" because the atmosphere was supremely relaxed despite unpredictable weather, Bailee was excited and ready to marry her groom, and the party (typically referred to as the "reception") was killer.  Everything went accordingly; neatly and precisely.  If that weren't lovely enough, there was even a double rainbow  after a heavy downpour during the beginning of the reception. It was marvelous, and one of my most favorite moments of the wedding day was when many of the wedding guests and inn staff came out to stare in awe at the rainbows. 

From the first time I met Bailee, she emphasized two themes that were important for her wedding day. What was most important to her and Lucas was that the day be romantic and the reception to rock.

Done & done

When you hire The Deloreans as your reception band, you know it's going to be a proper celebration. These guys and gals never phone it in, and their stage presence and energy are just as equal whether they're playing to a group of 200 or 20,000! 

I uploaded an image from the wedding onto my Facebook page, and a guest from the wedding  said; "Most amazing wedding I've ever been to!" When you get feedback like that, I'd say you're reached some serious wedding day goals.

I enjoy working at The Inn at Warner Hall so very much. The Inn is always impeccable, and when I'm  there I feel a million miles away from wherever I came from, and a million miles away from everything else; like an island stuck in time. I love the way the wood floors creak under my feet, the atmosphere of peace and comfort which surrounds me,  and the kindness and hospitality innkeepers Theresa and Troy Stavens offer. All of those things make my time spent at Warner Hall simply luxurious. It was an incredible setting to a wonderful day, full of moments.

Did I mention this wedding was fun

IMG_0300 WEB.jpg
IMG_9985 WEB.jpg
IMG_1722 WEB.jpg

PlanningAs Your Wish Events                                                  

Dress | Pure English / Martina Liana

Invitations | Minted                                                                      

Suits | Prive / House of Maya

Flowers | Jeff's Flowers                                                               

Makeup | Blushtones

Catering | Chef Eric at the Inn at Warner Hall                            

Hair | Brittany Phippins

Cake | Cakes by Charlie                                                               

Band I The Deloreans

I've been faced with a new feeling: how incredibly sad now that Bailee and Lucas' wedding day has passed. I have grown to love Bailee and her mother Trayce, especially, so much! I love her laugh, and I love the fun we had over the last year. 

To Bailee & Lucas, 

A lifetime of love and dream chasing for you both! (And more photo sessions, because I just can't quit you guys!) 

LC xx