Hampton Roads Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Lindsay Collette

I can say, emphatically, that the very best part of being a wedding & lifestyle photographer is the joy I receive from crafting relationships with others. 

Most couples contact a photographer for their wedding between 8-12 months in advance. This has been true in my personal experience with my business as well. Many hire a professional only to take some photos of the day (and perhaps an engagement session as well), and, once the images are delivered, both parties are done, having fulfilled their contractual obligations.Thankfully, this has not been my experience.

In the last few years, I have been deeply humbled to have been asked to come back and photograph more of my couple's life milestones. Each and every time I get the request to reunite with these individuals, my heart sings. 

To me, photography is an intimate art. When someone asks for me to photograph them, not only do I believe that it's a supremely high compliment, but an extremely personal request as well;  one which requires vulnerability. I feel that this is especially true for newborn and lifestyle sessions.

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest transformations a woman will make in her life. In those moments of new motherhood, our senses are heightened, emotions run wild, and life seems to move in 'slow motion' and 'fast forward' simultaneously. Both mother and baby are constantly learning and feeling something new. 

I love walking into a home and capturing those moments.

The ones before you're adept in changing diapers, an expert in deciphering cries, and where sleep seems like something you once heard of in a fairy tale. The minutes and hours where we fluctuate between uncertainty and dizzying love. 

Meagan and Ross are, by now, old pros at this photography thing. Photographing this family, beginning in 2009, when I was so new at photography, has been an experience I am sincerely grateful for. I've spoken of my love for this family before, but each time I am reunited with them, I realize how incredibly special it is to go on this journey with them. 

I was so, so very excited when Meagan announced her pregnancy. I just knew how loved her baby would be; by Meagan and Ross, of course, but by Meagan's family as well. I wasn't wrong. Each day since sweet Emerson Grace has been born, Nanny has come over to cuddle, offer help, and care for these three. It wasn't lost on any of us how special it is to have a village.

The highlight of my visits with Meagan, Ross, and Emerson, was watching Ross. Gosh. If ever there were a model for 'How to Treat Your Wife After She's Had a Baby', this guy would be it. Sure, he brings her water (AND ME! WITHOUT ME EVEN ASKING! He just saw me getting hot! I mean c'mon!) and makes sure she's eating; but throughout our entire session, Ross was attentive to Meagan in the most beautiful, affectionate ways. Tender touches, gentle kisses; you could see their love has deepened and strengthened into a whole new level. He is a man in love, and it's just the best. 

Maybe I seem a little over gushy. A little much. With everything going on in our world-- so much pain, hurt, and darkness-- a new baby, in all her innocence, is a bright, precious light; as is the love they share. We could all use a hefty dose of love and light. 


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