Each time I sit down to blog, I want to begin my entries with just how blessed I feel to be able to do the job that I do. Often times, I also have this desperate urge to write how special these people are to me, how long I've known them; what life webs have been woven together from the past to create the now. This blog is no exception.

I've written about Beth and her sister Melissa before, when I photographed a family session last fall for Melissa; how we played together as little girls, coming of age in a small town. To be in Beth's gorgeous Virginia Beach home over twenty years later, photographing her perfect newborn baby boy, was surreal in the most beautiful way. 

It was no surprise to me that Beth and her husband Dave easily eased into their roles as awesome parents. With a brood of nieces and nephews, and two more on the way (!!!), Beth and Dave are seasoned many times over in the business of babies.

What's unique to Beth is that she is positively laid-back; calm, and collected, though never cool, or off-putting. Beth is warm, and her smile is one of the world's greatest treasures; watching her with Greyson and Dave in her role as a new mama was a true delight.

Dave's OK too ;)

Truth be told, I'm a big fan of David. It's always a pleasurable experience for me, being around he and Beth together; how he makes her laugh so easily (and so beautifully), and how he loves her. They're a great couple, and I love this family and Melissa's so much.

I was trying to think about why that is. Because I say it out loud to Beth, and she probably thinks I'm a total weirdo.

I pinpointed why I enjoy their company so much. 

It's because each and every time I see them-- all of them, even Beth and Melissa's older sister Megan, whom I photographed earlier this year--THEY ARE ALWAYS SMILING.

Their entire family has learned to grow together despite big changes, and it makes me so happy to see how they make their lives work in their own way, by writing their own rules. 

They are each other's biggest fans. They support and lift each other up. They are always ready to have fun, laugh, and relax.  That's how these girls roll. They are exuberant, and I'm a big 'ole fan of ALLLLLLLL. OF. THAT.

Baby Greyson doesn't realize just how blessed he  is. What an absolutely wonderful family he's been born into, how loved and doted upon he already is, or what a top-notch team he's landed on. 

I have no doubt it won't be long before he will.


Thank you Beth & Dave for inviting me in to your gorgeous home, letting me cuddle and love on baby Greyson, and capturing these sweet first memories for you!