If you were to ask me about what I am most excited for this autumn, Sara and Bryce's wedding would definitely be near the top of my list! These two have a lot in store for what has been dubbed their "spooky chic" event by Brandi of As You Wish Events, who is their wedding planner. (She's really good at giving cheeky names to things!)

Hollywood Cemetery is drop-dead gorgeous.

(Insert Snare & Cymbal Crash) 

It really is! 

The rolling hills of the cemetery overlooks the James River, lending itself to seriously stunning vistas, and has some remarkable features, like the beautiful Palmer Mausoleum, and President James Monroe's 'birdcage' burial tomb. 

What's more, Sara and Bryce have special ties to the location. In college, Sara and her friends used to sneak into Hollywood Cemetery and get up to college-kid type things, and when she and Bryce began dating, they visited the cemetery and walked the grounds together. 

Tying in with their wedding day theme and histories, the cemetery was Sara's first choice for this session. I loved that these two want something a little different, and a lot more them for their wedding day. 

On a professional level, I am super pumped to work again with Brandi and her team, as well as at a new-to-me location (The Mill at Fine Creek). BONUS! This will be my first wedding working with my friend Amanda Day Rose, who is at the helm of all things floral! BONUS xINFINITY: I am so excited to work with such kind people who so obviously love each other a lot. A whole lot.

I dig you guys, Sara & Bryce!

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