This couple. GAH. They make me so happy.

They're naturally easy-going, cheerful, and funny. Each and every time I have seen them I have dragged my feet when the time for goodbyes roll around, and, driving home, noticed that I was unable to stop grinning.

M. & B. are people you want to be around.

After meeting through a mutual friend, a long romance full of adventure followed for these two. We're talking skydiving, jet-setting, hiking, scuba diving, (So much adventure that B. refers to M. as her "Action Hero" :) Whatever he comes up with, B. is there along for the ride.

M. shared with me that B. is the most kind, sweet, patient, and loving person he knows. He also told me that she is a "remarkably loyal, thoughtful, and caring friend, which anyone who has met [her] would say is obvious from the start." I'd have to agree 100%. 

B.'s vibe is calm, nurturing, and her beauty radiates. She's also crazy smart, and on a personal level, I totally nerded out with her over a mutual love of reading and history.

Over the years-- and over many miles-- a life was created for M. & B., so naturally when M. dropped down onto one knee at one of their favorite northern Virginia vineyards (Linden), a yes was quick to follow.

When we met up for their engagement session in Williamsburg last autumn, the leaves just did not want to fall. By November the leaves had barely begun to change colors. This left plenty of time to take a stroll around Colonial Williamsburg with these two for beautiful foliage, great conversation, lots and lots of laughs, and quite possibly THE prettiest light of 2016.

Living in northern Virginia, M. & B. chose the groom-to-be's hometown to exchange their vows this spring. The wedding will take place at Two Rivers Country Club, and while I have never photographed a wedding there, I am really looking forward to it. Mostly though, I am looking for any excuse to hang out with these two again.

Let's just hold the phone here.

This was one of my first frames of the day, so that set the tone for the afternoon. Later, when I posted this to InstagramBridal Vogue commented, "This is to die for!" 

I may have done a little of just that.

Here's to a spring wedding full of love, a business built working with wonderful people, and pretty light. Because I mean, who doesn't love pretty light?