When I was in high school, I took an advanced English class during either my sophomore or junior year, I can't remember which. While most of my memories from that course are pretty hazy, some things I have held on to are: a fondness for A Raisin in the Sun, a curious love of the name Hester Prynne, and Maya Angelou's eloquent poetry.

I also remember that I sat behind Casey, and was mesmerized by her incessant hair twirling. Those blonde locks looked like liquid gold as she twisted and re-twisted strands of her hair throughout our entire class period. 

Needless to say that was long ago, and I am even more mesmerized by Casey at this time in our lives, HA!

When she reached out to me to photograph a newborn session with her family, I couldn't have been more excited. Last year I photographed her older son, Cole, around his first birthday, so I had some prior experience with her family, and I knew that they were a great group to work with. Also: Cole's mischievous smile is one of the Top 10 greatest smiles of all time. 

Baby-man Cameron was a delight, and I couldn't have been more honored to be chosen to hang with him in his first days, photographing his precious, tiny fingers, toes, and itty-bitty lips!

This session was close to my heart in a few ways, but seeing Casey as a REALLY GREAT MOM was probably the highlight of both of my sessions with her family.

 I deeply appreciate Casey's attitude. She and I are cut from the same sarcastic cloth, and we have a similar sense of humor. I love that she cuts to the chase of things like I do, too. Naturally, when you find someone who is a bit of a kindred spirit, magic happens.

Pottery Barn Nursery Decor 2017
Baby Boy Space Nursery 2017

Casey, Derick, Cole & Cameron,


No, seriously. THANK YOU.

You guys reminded me so much of why I love photographing families at this time of their lives. Your ability to be vulnerable and authentic was time cherished for me. I am so excited to be able to watch you all mature into your beautiful new family of four!

LC, xx