Over the holidays I began reading a book called In the Company of Women. It was beautifully photographed, and I found a great deal of inspiration between it's pages. With sound advice from empowered women across the globe who have embraced their entrepreneurial spirits and flourished, it is a book I know I'll reach for time and time again.

One theme that deeply resonated with me while exploring not only that book, but in the weeks following examining my own life was, 'A woman's work is never done'. 

Often women wear many hats; everything from mama to teacher to coach to lover to CEO. We never really fit into one box, or wear one label exclusively. However, that is precisely what our society/culture often want us to do, and the idea of what those labels should look like, speak like, and act like are even more narrow. 

I want to delve deeper into the real lives of real women... both at home and at work. I want to show through photographs that those hats never truly come off, they are simply a part of being who we are. Our various positions and experiences help us to navigate our lives, and are a composite of the women we currently are, and who we will eventually become.

For a while I had a goal of sorts to begin a personal project. Something I can shoot for myself, without any pressure. Something that was personal to me, as I've wrestled with my roles. And because I'm deeply fascinated with how other women seem "do it all". 

 I began with my friend Mary, who owns Bluebirds Garage. She's also a mother of two little boys (a life I know well), and she's also very active in local community organizations. 

IMG_0137 WEB.jpg

More to come soon.