I met Sara & Justin a two years ago when we worked together on Meagan & Ross' Inn at Warner Hall wedding. (You should probably just go ahead and carve out a few hours to look back on all their gorgeous films. Seriously. These two are unparalleled in their field!) 

I felt like a big dope because I assumed that it was Justin who was the CEO of their company. I was THRILLED to learn that Sara was the driving force behind it all, and my girl crush (also embarrassment) was pretty much cemented at that point.

So when they procreated? My mind exploded and I knew I had to photograph their new normal.

I really cannot stress how much joy I get from being in the company of bright, beautiful, STRONG female creatives. But Sara is on another level all together.

She is beautiful, obvs. However, when I say that Sara is one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met, it's an understatement. She has a strength that doesn't shout, talent that doesn't need to be advertised. She has not an ounce of ego or arrogance (which, be real, creatives, especially successful ones, totally own), and to this day, I have never heard her utter a cross word about anyone. She's is kind, thoughtful, and inspiring. Sara is pure light and goodness.

Justin is OK too. (Totes jokes).

Together, Sara and Justin are by far two of the best parents I have ever seen. They look at that gorgeous little boy of theirs in a way that says, "You are the most wonderful thing to ever exist".  It's beautiful and moving and makes me want to pack my bags and move myself right into their [jaw-droppingly awesome] home so they can be my parents too.

Seriously, that child is [hashtag] blessed. 

And so am I! Because Sara welcomed me in her home, where we hung out for hours and ate cereal and talked about all the things.

Thank you, Lovells. You made me happy when skies were gray.