It's June! It's June! A whole WEEK into June.

I have some catching up to do!

As I type this, I have already photographed four weddings and have a good dose of engagement sessions under my belt for the year. My spring was all kinds of busy-- the good busy and the not-so-good busy-- but seeing these two twice in one month (once for this session, and another for their wedding) were definitely highlights!

Before their wedding, there were a few things I knew to be true about Amanda and Mark.

First, I knew that these two were super in love and have a ton of fun together. I knew this because I had seen it. Amanda was a bridesmaid in Kevin & Veronica's wedding. (Mark is also Veronica's cousin, who also just-so-happened to play a brilliant matchmaker when it came to these two!) 

Over the course of Kevin and Veronica's destination wedding weekend, I saw how these two laughed together, how they danced together, how much they kissed each other, and how they SANG together. But you know, most people look happy and touchy-feely at weddings. Especially if they are enjoying some drinks, letting loose.

Second, I knew that Amanda would be pleasant. Amanda is ALWAYS pleasant. I have known her since high school, where I believe we shared a math course. (Amanda is younger than I am, but I am HORRIBLE at math. Like, legitimately dyslexic when it comes to numbers). Either way, I knew Amanda BEFORE she was a bride-to-be, and I have never, ever, EVER seen her without a smile on her face. 

Third, I knew the wedding itself would be a blast. Mark's family LOVE. TO. PARTY. They are a huge family who are all very close to each other. When I was leaving their wedding a man came up to me and said, "Oh you must be the one who photographs all the Phelan weddings!" 


I was right on all accounts for their wedding day. What I hadn't anticipated though was how they carry that love, fun, laughter, and happiness day-to-day. It wasn't the drinks and celebratory atmosphere of a destination wedding weekend that made them so lovely-- Mark and Amanda REALLY ARE this awesome, positive, and joyful.

The vibes they bring are positively contagious! It was a true pleasure to photograph them a few weeks before they exchanged their vows in Norfolk, where we explored the relaxed atmosphere of Richmond's Canal Walk on a spectacular spring afternoon.

Be on the lookout for the Half Moone wedding day coming to the blog soon!