Megan & Dave's Cape Charles Wedding

On Sunday, April 28, 2019, Megan and Dave celebrated one whole year of marriage. Throughout the past twelve months, I’ve thought about their Eastern Shore wedding day at Mimosa Barn quite a bit.

It was one of the first weddings of 2018, and it seemed to set the tone for the year.

Both Megan and Dave are laid back, and their wedding day definitely reflected that. While keeping the basic outline of their wedding day fairly traditional, there were a few ways that the couple changed things up a bit so that it was tailored for them.

Dave is a Norfolk restauranteur (Handsome Biscuit, Toast), and Megan works at the Chrysler Museum. Both have a love for the city, and briefly considered having a wedding there. Instead, these two decided on a spot that was a bit more relaxed, that had a destination wedding feel without being too far away. The Eastern Shore—Cape Charles, most specifically—fit the bill.

Both the ceremony and reception took place at Mimosa Barn, a former flower farm set on Eyre Hall Creek, offering sweeping waterfront views, and a peaceful setting tucked away from the busyness of the outside world.

MD65 WEB (1).jpg

One way Megan and Dave’s wedding day was different was the absence of a bridal party. Instead, Megan had some of her best friends come throughout the day to the cottage (connected to the barn) where she was getting ready, hang out, snack, get their hair and makeup done if they wanted to, and, most importantly, LAUGH. These girls know how to have fun, and it was a pleasure to photograph such a relaxed atmosphere. Despite the fact that there was no bridal party, we still made getting photos of Megan and her girls a priority.

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Dave always has the best bowties.

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I L-O-V-E-D Megan’s fresh, pretty bridal style. (THOSE LASHES!!!)

Her makeup was done by one of my favorite artists in Hampton Roads— Lauren Nadeau. I love Lo’s approach of truly highlighting natural beauty without completely overdoing it. I recommend her to all my brides.

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Marissa of Studio Posy also kept on theme with natural, classic blossoms that didn’t detract from the already stunning views the property provided.

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The ceremony was short & sweet, their vows, quirky, hilarious, and incredibly sincere. Their wedding bands were created by none other than Anna Akers of Lorak.

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One of the aspects of the day that I was most anticipating was, naturally, the food. Meg and Dave enlisted the help of a mutual friend, Chef Kip Poole and his ‘lil chefs’ from the Crop Foundation to cater the day.

Cocktail hour featured roasted Chincoteague oysters with toppings such as chorizo and cornbread stuffing, pickled grapes, and CHICKEN. AND. WAFFLE. BUTTER. Guests also snacked on freshly popped popcorn with multiple seasonings, and there were, of course, sweet potato biscuit hors d'oeuvres (a nod to Handsome Biscuit) which were instantly snatched up!

That morning, Dave had been experimenting with cocktails and came up with that evening’s signature libations on the spot! (Seriously impressive).

IMG_0211-3 WEB.jpg
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Guests were then seated and treated to dinner al fresco. The moon was EXQUISITE that evening, and, at the last-minute Dave had the idea to bring over a telescope for guests to check it out up close.

Afterwards, everyone moved into the barn for more drinking and dancing. A friend of the couple, DJ Lord Thomas, played soul classics and garage tunes well into the evening before the couple set off on a tandem bicycle. It was truly a night to remember.

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Thank you Megan & Dave for including me in this special day!