Caitlin & Kevin's Belle Isle & Carytown Engagement Session

OK. Not too many couples want to get up for a photo session at daybreak, and I totally understand that. When Caitlin reached out to me suggesting that we make it an early morning, I was equal parts surprised and excited! As it turns out, Caitlin knows a thing or two about photography, so she was aware of the potential morning light can bring.

  A photo session in the first "golden hour" of the day requires an extra-early alarm. I woke up at 4:15 for this session because the location we were meeting at is about an hour and fifteen minutes away from my home, at Belle Isle in Richmond. As the first rays of gorgeous glow began creeping across the James River, I knew it was the right decision. I was in awe of how everything was kissed in beautiful golden light. 

It was also, unsurprisingly, hot and humid (Hello, Virginia!) but Caitlin and Kevin were such great troopers. Caitlin, especially, came to our session with energy and, as Kevin puts it, panache. I knew I liked Caitlin before we officially met "in real life", but after meeting her I not only like her, I became a total fangirl. I like people with big personalities and even bigger smiles; people who love to have fun, bring all the happy vibes and are radiant. That's Caitlin. 

Kevin is thoughtful and quick-witted. He's Caitlin's perfect counterpart. My favorite parts of the session were when I caught Caitlin looking at Kevin with pure adoration. I don't mean to sound cheesy, but it's the word that first came to mind. It's obvious she's crazy about him! Bottom line: Caitlin and Kevin are a great couple, and it was lovely going on a mini-tour of Richmond with them for their engagement session. They made my job not only easy, but fun. 

After we hit up Belle Isle, we scooted over to Carytown, where Caitlin and Kevin were engaged. We even ducked into Can Can Brasserie-- a personal favorite spot of mine-- where these two had dinner the evening of Kevin's proposal. (And a HUGE shoutout to Megan at Can Can for going above and beyond and toasting these two with complimentary mimosas!) The morning was finished up with a few final shots at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


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Sigma 85mm Art Lenses Portrait

I don't usually post these types of images on my blog. I'm rethinking that. I want people to know that I do take these looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling portraits-- and I love them. I think they're classic, beautiful, and most moms and grandmothers cite these as their favorites. I believe it was the fabulously wonderful Jerry Ghionis  that calls these type of photos "Grandma's Fridge" shots, and I thought that was brilliant and I've since adopted it.

Sometimes these types of photos can be seen as "uncreative" or "boring", but I disagree. There's something about a traditional portrait like these that evokes a sense of nostalgia, and are a great way to see your faces... which becomes more important over time. I have long been fascinated with photos of my grandmother as a stunningly gorgeous young woman. I think it's important to consider that these "camera aware" images are more than what they may initially appear to be. 

And, just as a quickie photographer geek out-- the Sigma 85mm lens is CRAZY beautiful for portraits! I was a self-professed 85 hater until I tried this lens. Thank you, Sigma, for creating gorgeous glass! 

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Caitlin & Kevin,

You are both such bright lights! I loved getting to know you a bit, and sincerely cannot wait to see you two become husband and wife. 

It's gonna be ahh-mazing. 

LC xx