The Dream Clinic

As I wrote in a recent entry, 2018 was a BIG year for me professionally. I was stretched creatively, and challenged in more ways than I can count.

Last February I was contacted by The Hermitage Museum & Gardens to photograph The Virginia Stage Company’s immersive theater experience at the museum, The Dream Clinic.

Based loosely on Virginia Woolfe’s writings, The Dream Clinic was a trippy, multi-sensory tour throughout the museum, with each room hosting a different scene, allowing the patrons to indulge their imagination and uniquely interpret their experience.

I had the opportunity to photograph the final dress rehearsal before the event opened up to the public. As a photographer, it was challenging. I couldn’t use flash, and the museum, especially at night, is already quite dark. Therefore, from a technical standpoint, I was shooting in a way I don’t normally. I had never photographed anything like this, so it was exciting in all the best ways.

In a few weeks I’ll be heading back to the Hermitage for this year’s collaboration with The Virginia Stage Company— Miss Kitty’s House of Cosmic Love! These events sell out fast. (Super fast!) I highly encourage you all to snatch a ticket and check this out, it’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve experienced.

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