Waiting on Adie

Two years ago I met Anna at an event put on through mutual friends. I thought she was just the coolest—I was super into her style and vibe, and I loved talking to her. (That’s an opinion that hasn’t changed, by the way.) She’s incredibly free-spirited and creative, everything I admire and appreciate in human beings.

Anna also happens to be the owner/boss babe of Lorak, a jewelry line and brick & mortar inside the Selden Market in Norfolk. Her jewelry is one-of-a-kind, just like her, and I have been drooling over a few pieces for literal years. (Total side note: I had a few brides who got custom rings from Anna last year which were absolutely gorgeous, and such a treat to photograph!)

I was so excited to photograph Anna just before she gave birth to her precious baby girl, Adie.

Last January, a few days into the new year, and while the streets were still clogged with ice and snow, Anna welcomed me into the sweetest, coziest condo in the city, which she shared with her husband Chuck and their first baby boy, Walter. As an outsider, I could feel the goodness and love inside Anna and Chuck’s home. I was so struck by it all that I looked into buying the condo above theirs. Naturally, their love nest couldn’t be replicated, regardless of how sweet a kitchen renovation is. It was all them.

They’ve since moved into their new forever home, so the photos from this time in their lives adds another layer of emotion to these images. My greatest hope is that one day Anna and Chuck will look back and remember exactly how they felt during these last few weeks before Adie rocked their world. And really, that’s my hope for every session: to build a beautiful time machine to “Back When”.

I am OBSESSED with Anna’s teeth, and now that Adie is a bit older, we’ve seen that SHE HAS THE SAME TEETH! It’s out of control adorable.

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It was so, so touching to watch Chuck with Anna. He treated her like the goddess that she totally is.

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To Be Continued…