Miss Kitty's House of Cosmic Love

Last Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph The Hermitage Museum & Va Stage Company’s immersive theater collaboration at the museum for the second year in a row.


As I was making my way home I had a moment where I just thought to myself, “What was that?”

The tour of “Miss Kitty’s” evoked each of the five senses with magical light shows, live music, tasty treats (and cocktails!), zones in which you’re able to participate with other tourists in creating art and general debauchery… or just snag a selfie. There was even an animatronic rat-cum-sex therapist!

It was weird in the BEST ways. Knowing how special this event is, I had been looking forward to the evening from the moment I was invited to photograph it.

I love the challenge that working with limitations presents. I think every photographer should regularly step out of their comfort zone to shoot. In doing so, it allows you to take chances you may not ordinarily take, and stretches you to be more creative. Another plus is that if you’re shooting outside of your wheelhouse, you aren’t necessarily tuned into the “shoulds” and “musts”, and are able to break the rules some— intentionally or not. I think rules should definitely be broken.

There’s a few performances of Miss Kitty’s House of Cosmic Love that are not yet sold out, but they are going quickly. I cannot encourage you enough to support our local community and head out to the museum for this event.

Be prepared to walk in, let your guard down, and allow yourself to be overcome with Miss Kitty’s burning love.