Max & Maureen's At-Home Engagement Session

It’s always interesting to see where life takes you; how one body of water you’re traveling on actually reveals itself to be a significant tributary, guiding you into a much larger river. Just a few years ago, at my friend Cristan’s engagement party, I met Jess. As I’ve already told this story before, I'll keep it quick: I had an instant girl-crush on Jess. We became Facebook friends. When one of Jess’ family friends was planning on renewing her vows, Jess called me to connect me with the bride. I photographed that wedding. At that wedding, I met Jess’ whole family, including her brother Max.

I had heard whispers that Max was planning on asking his girlfriend Maureen to marry him. He had BIG plans, and quite a few people knew it was coming. About a week after the vow renewal, Max did in fact propose to Mo, and, well, she obviously said yes because here we are!

I felt so deeply honored that these two called me up, per Jess’ recommendation yet again, to book me as their photographer.

Two Words: Dream Clients. Seriously. I mean that with every ounce of my being. Max and Maureen are two of the most humble, down-to-Earth, kind, caring, thoughtful, and hospitable human beings to grace this planet. They’re cool, too. Not too many people are actually cool. These two are different, and once you’re around them, you know it almost immediately. Before our engagement session, I was super nervous— not something I’m accustomed to. Both Max and Maureen immediately made me feel at home and at ease.

I was so excited that Max and Maureen wanted to have an engagement session in their gorgeous home full of natural light in Washington DC. It’s where Max proposed quite literally right after they bought it. (LOVE THAT). Those big plans that Max had didn’t really pan out. He instead took the advice of Jess, who told him to just put the ring in his pocket, and when the time was right, to go for it.

When they came back to their house after purchasing it, it was the first time they had seen it without furniture. Max says it was then they loved it even more, which I completely get. It’s the possibility! A literal blank canvas where so much was bound to happen. Not least of which, a proposal. It was after they had popped open a bottle of champagne left to them by their realtor that Max asked Maureen to be his wife.

I truly couldn’t think of anything more romantic.

I traveled up to DC in early April. The three of us completely lucked out with such a beautiful day. On my way home I even got to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom during a breathtaking sunset, and I couldn’t help but be grateful for my job and these two.

If there is one thing to know about Max and Maureen, it’s this: THEY. LOVE. THEIR. DOGS. Tag, the old guy, has been Mo’s sidekick for a decade. Otter recently joined the crew, completing their sweet family. I am not sure I’ve ever seen two people love their animals like these two do, and it makes them all the more endearing to me. Their engagement session just wouldn’t be right without them. So that’s what we did. The doors of their home literally wide open for me to step inside, for just a bit I captured them as they are right now.


In just about a month’s time, we will be in DC photographing Max and Maureen’s three day wedding weekend, and I seriously cannot wait. Like, at all. The girl-geniuses at Grit & Grace are the brilliant planning team behind it all, and, from all that I’ve heard, it’s going to be a perfect reflection of all that these two value. It’s going to be SO good!

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