Adeline Ruth

It’s been one whole year since Adeline Ruth came into the world, which is pretty hard to believe. At the same time, it’s not so hard to believe, because when you become a parent, time somehow speeds up and morphs into something unrecognizable and more precious than any other commodity in the universe.

Becoming a parent flips your world inside out, and has the power to put everything else in perspective. Many (most?) things just don’t hold the same weight as they once did. I’m sure this is nature’s divine design, but even if you spend every waking hour staring at your growing child, it’s somehow never enough.

It’s one thing to see a pregnant woman anticipating the arrival of their child. It’s something else entirely to watch as a woman transforms into mother, to see their personality shift to accommodate their new role.

One thing has been clear to me in the last year: Anna is a FANTASTIC mother. Her calming, laid-back demeanor is what every child deserves. Her creative spirit as a true artist is a gift that will surely nurture Adie into her own fiercely unique personality, and help her navigate a world that pushes conformity. Together with Chuck, a protective, loving father, these two will undoubtedly raise a superb human being.

Happiest Birthday, Adie. May they all be as sweet as your first!

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