"For what it's worth... it's never too late... to be whoever you want to be..."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

In 2014, I decided to throw off the duvet I was hiding under (literally) and pursue the life I was dreaming of. One major component of that dream-life was to be a photographer full-time. I wanted to bear witness to the raw emotion and connections of the every day. I wanted to find people who believe in the same things I do, and serve them with beautifully sincere imagery that they could hold onto for a lifetime; to preserve their unique story for future generations.

In that first year of business, I was blessed beyond measure to travel the world. From my coastal Virginia hometown to the golden sands of Abu Dhabi, from the slow-paced South Carolina low country, to the ever-evolving city of San Francisco, I discovered my purpose amongst the incredible landscapes, cultures, and stories I was steeped in. I knew I had found my heart's work. 


Two years later, after a decade together, Logan, my husband, partnered with me to photograph weddings. Unconventional to our bones, Logan and I found each other when we most needed it, and continue to do so as the days go by. In the beautiful years we've been together--throughout many peaks, and many valleys, we've combined our strengths to build a home, raise two boys, and create a place especially for us.

Understanding that our greatest work-- both at home and professionally-- is done together, we now provide the discerning individuals we are honored to work with the experience of two artists who know each other best and love each other most. Simply put: we make a good team. And we cannot wait to meet you!