At our core, we are collectors, crafters, and creators. Combining our individual strengths and collective backgrounds in art, history, music, and travel, our collaborative goal is to timelessly and artistically preserve each and every wedding, portrait session, and lifestyle event with fresh eyes, open hearts, and some cheek. We do this without expectations or reservations. 

Instead of following a checklist, how-to's, or rules of the game, we welcome the day's events to come as they may, so that we are free to capture uniqueness rather than uniformity. 

We believe in the beauty and power of the in-between; the differentiating moments which are ultimately the ties that bind your story together.

Investing in the hearts of the people we work with, establishing an understanding of who they are and how they want to feel, and attention to detail help us to produce an honest visual narrative which recalls the pure energy, romance, and spirit of our time together.

With a focus on authentic moments, genuine emotion, and thoughtful details, we are proud to have seen our clients & photographs on the pages of The Knot and Charleston Weddings magazines, The Virginian Pilot, as well as online at Martha Stewart Weddings, Country LivingThe Huffington PostGlamour, Brides, How He Asked, Equally Wed and others.

And while all of that is pretty cool, nothing makes us smile brighter than hearing from the people we work with.







Photo by LeZandra McGinnis

Photo by LeZandra McGinnis