What's your shooting style?

Rather than follow our script, we follow yours.

We've found our bread and butter to be in artistically capturing the moments that make your wedding day and portrait session decidedly different from everyone else's-- the small moments in-between the big ones. The ones that happen all on their own. We don't go off a shot list, and we never shoot a wedding by a certain formula. Each gallery is unique. In those ways we lean a little more towards documentary photography. 

However, we don't consider ourselves to be documentary photographers.

While we prefer to let the day's natural events move along as they would without our interference, we definitely offer advice and suggestions leading up to and on the day of your session/wedding, like where a bride should have her makeup done or what location is best for a First Look... and if you should even have one!

We do this in order to take advantage of a better quality of light or to shoot in a less distracting space. Also: we'll tell you if you're looking a little goofy or stiff, and we'll definitely remind you to take the hair elastic off of your wrist. 

We will not set up or "fake" images though. That's just not how we roll.  

Portraits are something we value highly, so we lean a little on the traditional side of photography here. Getting those looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling images are important to us... and to mom and grandma too. And even if you don't really care for those images yourself now, we're willing to bet Future You will. (Don't worry though, we hang back to allow you time to breathe and enjoy some time with your new spouse, continuing to shoot). 

We get it. Being in front of the lens isn't comfortable for most people. Our goal is to alleviate those feelings by getting to know you from the beginning and to have fun with you, so that we can produce beautifully natural images that show you as your true selves.

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy your wedding day. Be present because it will be over in a heartbeat. Take to heart the pep talk your dad gave you, hold on to look in your mother's eyes when she smiles at you; soak in your vows being exchanged, savor the food, throw back the drinks, dance with your friends, sing along with the band at the top of your lungs... and never, ever forget how in love you felt in these moments. 

Side Note: If Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody is on your set list, we'll meet you on the dance floor!

Who do you like to work with?

We want to work with discerning couples, families, and brands who want to communicate their love, emotion, and spirit through timeless imagery, and who share our same values.

Trust us, it's better to work together when we're all on the same page about what's important. 


Who will photograph my session?

All portrait sessions are done by Lindsay Collette. For most wedding days, with the exception of elopements and intimate ceremonies, both Lindsay and Logan work together as primary photographers. For large weddings, assistants may come along to help out with gear, lighting and snacks!

What do your packages look like?

As no one is exactly the same, we generally prefer to create a custom quote for you. Full Day Wedding coverage in Virginia and Washington DC is 10 hours, and will always include two photographers, all deliverable hi-resolution fully-edited images, and a print release. 

Elopement and small weddings (under 30 guests) vary greatly, and a custom quote is always generated for those events. Weekday rates, holiday rates, and hourly rates are all available by request.

Other items, such as engagement sessions, albums and prints are treated à la carte.  

Should we get an engagement session?

We think so! What better way to celebrate your upcoming marriage?!

We absolutely love to hang out with our couples before their wedding day. Establishing relationships is incredibly important to us, and one way we can get to know each other is through an engagement session. In addition to getting to know you better, we can see how you photograph, which helps us on your wedding day.

You can always think of it as a Meet & Greet, where you get to hang out with your best friend for a few hours and be photographed by two people who are super excited to meet you, get to know who you are, and provide you with images that make you happy!

May I view an entire wedding gallery?

Totally. All you have to do is reach out!

Will you travel for an engagement session or wedding?

100%! We love traveling, and have experience shooting both destination weddings, engagement and lifestyle sessions; from mountaintops to desert dunes!

 Travel fees do apply, and they vary depending on where the session is located. If you're considering having a session at one of our Bucket List destinations, special rates may apply!

Let's do this!

How do we book? What happens next?

If you're ready to book, that's GREAT! After chatting about wedding day details, your specific needs, and we design a package that's exactly what you're looking for, a photography agreement will be sent over to you for your fiancé to sign. A deposit of $1,000 will be required to hold your wedding date. The remaining payments are usually broken down into three installments, with the last due one month before your wedding date. 

We do not accept payments after your wedding date or upon delivery of images. 

Can we give you a shot list? 

Throughout our time together, we will talk about what is specifically important to you when it comes to your wedding photography. If you're having family members attend from out of state or the country, or if you have an aunt who is more like a mother to you, we want to know! The more you share with us the nuances of your life and relationships, the more clued in we are to what makes your story special. We will be better equipped to focus on the elements which are most meaningful to you with regards to your coverage, and you can trust that we're going to get the images you want. 

About 4-6 weeks before your wedding date, we send over a checklist for formal family portrait groupings. This helps us prepare for that part of the day and keep us organized, as well as allow for you and your planner to make arrangements for those people to be close by to maximize the time we have together. We also send a wedding day questionnaire over to give us information pertinent to how the day go. 

Other than that, itemized lists actually detract from those moments which are uniquely yours, and inhibit creativity. 

In other words... It's not our bag, baby.

What happens if you can't photograph my wedding after we've booked you?

Rest assured, we have never called in sick to a wedding. Nor would we. 

In an emergency situation, if we are unable to photograph your wedding, you will be refunded.

Everything will be done within reason and our ability to help find a suitable replacement for you. Gratefully, we belong to a community of wedding professionals who have each other's backs, and can rally if an emergency arises. 

Do you have backup gear? 

Yes! For every event and wedding we bring backups. And backups for the backups. 

What about insurance?

That's taken care of too! We're on it!

We're worried about our privacy...

Your privacy is our priority. If you aren't interested in us sharing your names, wedding details, or  images on our website, social media, or in a magazine, we won't share them. Period. 

This isn't about us. We're here for you. 

Will our wedding be published?

If you're interested in having your wedding published in print or online, we're happy to discuss the submission process with you. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your wedding or event will be published. 


Have another question?

we're happy to answer!